About Us

Mirador finds its roots on a vast experience of its members in the areas of mining, engineering and construction in Southamerica, with participation in Chile, Perú, Colombia and Ecuador. In addition, we have presence in China.

The professional background that Mirador has today, extends to close collaborations in projects carried out with high levels of effectiveness, making the entity unique in the market and guarantor of confidence.

Francisco Arriagada

  • Former General Manager of SALFA Corp and Former Corporate General Manager of Mas Errázuriz, with responsibilities over Chile, Perú, Colombia and Argentina.
  • Chairman of ProesTech

Sergio Letelier
Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs

Former Manager of Legal Affairs and People in:

  • BellSouth
  • Polpaico (Holcim)
  • Mas Errázuriz
  • Strabag/Zublin
Cristián Millar
Strategic Advisor

  • Former ViceAdmiral with performance at the Embassy of Chile in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
  • Former Partner and Executive Director of Strategic Communication Company with experience in Crisis Management
  • Former Corporate Affairs Manager of the Presidency and General Management of Corpbanca
  • Director of SKComsa and GNLPenco
  • Consultant in Ministry of National Defense
Eduardo Piderit
Director of Business

  • Former Construction Vicepresident at Salfa Construcción, a Salfa Corp. Group enterprise, with responsibilities over Argentina, Chile and Perú.
Patricio Cárdenas
Director of Investment

Former Manager at Mas Errázuriz in:

  • Mining Projects and Underground Works in International Operations
  • Underground Mining Operations Projects
  • Mining and Underground Works Project Studies